ACA Compliance

Navigating ACA Compliance and Reporting requirements can be challenging. We can help you make sure your plans are ACA Compliant and that you meet the ESR requirements. We can also provide the Annual 1094-C and 1095-C reports, as well as assist with filing and employee distribution.

Benefits Platform

benefitsFIRST provides a Full Service Benefits Platform through Ease. This service is available to all our clients at no cost. Our system includes payroll integration with certain providers, such as ADP and Heartland and can be used for other HRIS functions such as on-boarding. We also work with other platforms, such as Benetrac and Benselect at reduced or no-cost.

COBRA and FMLA Administration

We are a provider of TASC Administrative Services. This system integrates with Ease, which greatly simplifies the COBRA administration and assures compliance with DOL COBRA Rights Notices and day to day activities of COBRA Administration. We also offer FMLA Administration and training to assure compliance and alleviate this responsibility from your HR Department. As a benefitsFIRST client using TASC, you will receive a comprehensive menu of services and tools designed to simplify the administrative process and ensure ongoing compliance.